Concerts Should Be CAPTIVATING

Who We Are

We are the visual producers compelled to translate the meaning within music into stunning visuals to captivate audiences experiencing live performances.

Why we are

Every audience experiencing a live performance deserves to have that moment of their lives transformed through powerful imagery blending a musical story.

Where you are

You want your audiences to see more than musicians making music. You want to captivate, entertain, and make their time with your music forever memorable.

How it starts

We have the world’s largest high quality collection of stage accompaniment videos for band, choir, and orchestra music arrangements. Subscribe today for access.

See For Yourself

What makes LIVE concerts so alluring? Merely hearing music through earbuds lacks the awe and excitement of experiencing music in-person with others. Being in the presence of the musicians as they perform the music in real-time on stage the same way music has been performed for centuries demonstrates skill while providing the musicians the satisfaction of audience appreciation. But, is watching musicians sit around playing their instruments enough to keep today’s audiences entertained? Modern audiences want more! Be creative. Now you can add visuals to your concerts that beautifully blend with the music, stimulating the visual senses, making listeners eager to attend future performances.

Music For The Eyes

Concert Creative aligns with stock photo agencies to tap into massive collections of videos, images, scripts, and critical creative assets to empower your group to elevate concerts into becoming visually stunning experiences. Whether you choose ambient free-form visuals that only need someone to press “Play”, or you crave opportunities to tackle visuals demanding tight synchronization with the music, our growing library of visual assets offers a thrill for the eyes at all levels of performance ambition.