Case Study: Christmas Concert Promo Video

Video makes a difference. While an image containing text such as “Christmas Concert” is short and catchy, having the “Play” button in the middle of the image gives people a reason to interact with it. People do click that button. This web commercial was uploaded three ways. It was posted as a 1) Facebook Event cover, 2) a Facebook Post, and 3) was uploaded to YouTube for emails and other less Facebooky promotions.

This concert had been referred to as a “Christmas Concert” for about 25 years. In 2019, shortly after the first round of publicity was done, I learned that the concert was being titled, “Celebration For The Holidays” in the printed programs. Also, after the video was published to the Facebook page and sent as a post, I found out that the vocalist’s name I was provided was her maiden name. She had gotten married earlier in the year and had a new name. I noticed the discrepancy while searching for a picture of our guest in the video. With that realization, after the video had already been distributed, I was asked to redo the video to show her new name.

What about licensing? The background image that appears throughout the video, plus the Santa hat were licensed through my Adobe Stock subscription at 1 credit per image. The image of the vocalist, the mayor, and the dance academy were right-clicked and downloaded from the web. The Christmas Vacation theme song was not licensed. Considering the relatively low number of views for a brief 3 week duration and then would be taken out of public view, and that it’s promoting a free concert for a non-profit charity food drive, no money is changing hands for the concert or for the video’s production, this micro-use would be far from any music publisher or licensing agency’s radar.

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